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Hardscape Construction and Installation

Monday, 12-Aug-2019 by DeChambeau Landscaping Inc
Hardscape Construction and Installation  

Hardscape Construction and Installation

Stone Work

In beautifying your yard or grounds, hard materials are as important as the soft. Let DeChambeau Landscaping, a hardscape contractor in East Bridgewater and West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, show you what stone work can do. Hardscaping includes retaining walls, garden pathways and stone flower beds.


Stone Workers:

Our company works with you to design and construct stone work on your residential or commercial property. Stone is a most effective material to use as it is both decorative and durable. We use stone work as a charming and practical way to tie nature in with your landscaping.

Retaining Walls:

One of the most popular uses of stone work is to create retaining walls. Our professionals build retaining walls to prevent erosion. However, with the many colors and shapes of stone, retaining walls become decorative, too. These freestanding walls add a timeless appeal to your property.

Garden Pathways:

Add whimsy to your residential and commercial property with garden pathways made of stone. The combination of pretty flowers and shrubs, and colorful stones is the perfect mix of style, form and function.

DeChambeau Landscaping in East Bridgewater and West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, designs and builds garden pathways for your home or business. Let us work with you to come up with the perfect design. Choose from many styles, such as pieces of stone work in a random pattern, a formal pathway or the stepping stone look. Request a free estimate on our stone garden pathways.

Stone Flower Beds:

Make your flowers look even lovelier with stone work from our company with nearly 20 years of experience in hardscapes and landscapes. As pretty as they are practical, stone flower beds solve many garden problems, as well as focus attention on the blooms themselves.

Surround a flower bed with stone to keep the soil from washing away, as well as containing the soil from spilling onto sidewalks and driveways. Use stone work to create decorative edging. Such hardscapes add to the marketability of your home or business.

Contact us today for hardscaping that adds to the appearance and value of your property. We proudly serve East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, Bridgewater, Abington, Rockland, Easton, Sharon, Hanson, Whitman, Pembroke and Hanover, Massachusetts.

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